When this Polish trio from Wroclaw made their debut in 2016,

they immediately distinguished themselves via a sense of space created through big riffs


presented with even bigger tones, vocal laze and a heavy psychedelic undertone of jamming

 that made the whole affair more fluid.


That album was Lemanis, and it sold completely through its cassette, CD and vinyl pressings.

Not surprisingly, as the Polish group follow-up such a successful first outing, their second,

Time Travel Dilemma, does not attempt to fix what wasn’t broken in their sound.


 Those who caught onto the depth and vibe of Lemanis will find the six tracks of Time Travel Dilemma

work from a similarly potent brew — the key differences are of affirmation and progression.


And then, there is "Eye the Tide", a doom-laden odyssey through outer space that pulls from a vast pool of influences,

including post rock and prog, and is an album that is wholly unique in the stoner metal stratosphere.

 It marks Spaceslug's third full-length in three years,

and is a continuation of the journey traveled with their previous two albums


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